Packages & Plans

Need internet cable with wide entertainment selections to choose from? Chaparral Cable Vision has the internet and cable TV packages in El Paso, Chaparral, Las Cruces, and more so that you can enjoy with at affordable price. Each one offers quality resolution, high speeds, and a range of channels and streaming services. And if you’d like to change plans later on, our team can help you find what you are looking for.

Internet Packages


Silver (100 Mbps $$$ Call for Pricing)


Gold (250 Mbps $$$ Call for Pricing)


Platinum (500 Mbps $$$ Call for Pricing)


Custom (From 1 Gig to 10 Gig. Call for pricing)

Cable TV Packages

You can access all of your favorite shows and channels with our starting price of $74.99/mo. 

Internet & Cable TV Package

Starting at $120/mo, our Internet & cable TV packages in El Paso, Chaparral, and surrounding Southwestern areas that can get you all the speed and reliability you need. With our digital box deal, popular streaming platforms such as Starz, Showtime, TMC, HBO, and Cinemax can be yours.

Phone Service

Starting at $29.99, you can now make unlimited calls within the continental U.S.

Call us at (575) 824-4099 or contact us online to learn how we can deliver the best Internet and cable TV in the West Texas and New Mexico area.